How do I use a .bsg file?

MAZ-537 + Trailer

uploaded by Nicksiz 2 years ago

posted by BesiegeHomo 2 years ago
hey owner i need help, when ever i put some mech/machines in the folder when i load it in the game it does nothing like, i clicked load then nothing happens

posted by TTFH 2 years ago
BesiegeHomo the filename shoud be the same that in 3th line of the .bsg <Machine version="1" bsgVersion="1.3" name="file_name"> open it with notepad.
posted by BesiegeHomo 2 years ago
still dosent work
<Machine version="1" bsgVersion="1.3" name="Drift Car">
i think v0.35 have this bug thing :/
because in other ver or before i can load machines
and now my problem is the blue block when you start a level , its missing :\
im re downloading it if it dosent work can you like give me some help lol