How do I use a .bsg file?

Hotorod ; Multi link suspension Test

uploaded by Akahige 10 months ago

Block count 216

Drive: Arrow keys
Boost: Right Ctrl

Change Camera
Third Person: G
Cockpit view: F

<Use these skins>
Cherry Red Skin Pack
Jet Black Skin Pack
Metal & Dope
Offroad Wheel Skin Pack
Classic Wheel Skin Pack
Head Light Skin Pack
Tail Light Skin Pack
posted by Harry 10 months ago
Can you do more realistic machines (mimic some existing ones)?
I'm going to start a series in which I compare how things crash in BeamNG Drive and Besiege, trying to mimic the cameras, the ramps and everything and I'd love to see some more realistic cars. I've already downloaded a lot of yours so far:)
posted by Akahige 10 months ago
Thanks Harry, I think if possible simple body shape car.
posted by Roycehellion 10 months ago
Look sharp!
posted by Akahige 10 months ago
Thanks Roycehellion!