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Valkryja ( Steampunk Airship)

uploaded by Kenny1999 1 year ago

So I was browsing for WW2 vehicle themed and came across a "Steampunk" themed creation. "Steampunk Artillery" by cizhiresb. Its a themed vehicle and very detailed, especially with skin.


So I remembered my "Steampunk Disease" that almost of my everyday things is steampunk theme including my computer, phone, wallet and deck of cards. Honestly I'm not a big fan of WW2, I'm a big fan of every vehicles in the world (except modern vehicles). So I made this one to have at least one steampunk vehicle in Besiege.

Valkryja [vel - kri - ya] is a fictional steampunk airship (don't google it). It has a kirov style airship with 6 engines. This beauty has no weapons, it is designed to be a luxury exploring vehicle. She is very hard to control, but I guarantee that its not very hard. She will bring you a great voyage across "The Rift"


Up/Down = control throttle and altitude
R/Y = port/starboard
F/H = tilt left/right
T/G = pull up/down
-/+ = start/stop main engine
9/0 = start/stop throttle engine
1 = bridge camera
posted by BesiegeHomo 1 year ago
reminds me of the ship in the fallout 4
posted by Kenny1999 1 year ago
there are so many ships in fallout 4...
posted by RIDDIK 1 year ago
a whale
posted by BesiegeHomo 1 year ago
its obvious the prwydon

posted by BesiegeHomo 1 year ago
it cant be the vtol