How do I use a .bsg file?

Hot Hatch

uploaded by Akahige 2 years ago

Block count 228

Drive: Arrow keys
Boost: Right Ctrl

Change Camera
Third Person: G
Cockpit view: F

<Use these skins>
Cherry Red Skin Pack
Jet Black Skin Pack
Metal & Dope
Teal Skin Pack
Sports Wheel Skin Pack
Head Light Skin Pack
Tail Light Skin Pack
posted by BesiegeHomo 2 years ago
i like your builds tho that realistic shape ):
posted by BesiegeHomo 2 years ago
help tho, i cant load any creations in my game , when i double click it or select and click the arrow thing it dosent work nothing happens,like when i click it i just hear the click sound and nothing happens.It dosent even make the loading machines quit or exit
posted by Harry 2 years ago
That usually happens when the machine is quite complex. Try restarting Steam. If that doesn't work, try restarting your PC. If even after a verification of the game cache it doesn't work, then it might be that your PC can't handle it.
posted by BesiegeHomo 2 years ago
posted by BesiegeHomo 2 years ago
lol i saved a creation with 1 cannon on it and save it then clear the current creation i build in the sanbox then i load the creation, nothing happens lmao