How do I use a .bsg file?

Hot Hatch

uploaded by Akahige 10 months ago

Block count 228

Drive: Arrow keys
Boost: Right Ctrl

Change Camera
Third Person: G
Cockpit view: F

<Use these skins>
Cherry Red Skin Pack
Jet Black Skin Pack
Metal & Dope
Teal Skin Pack
Sports Wheel Skin Pack
Head Light Skin Pack
Tail Light Skin Pack
posted by BesiegeHomo 10 months ago
i like your builds tho that realistic shape ):
posted by BesiegeHomo 10 months ago
help tho, i cant load any creations in my game , when i double click it or select and click the arrow thing it dosent work nothing happens,like when i click it i just hear the click sound and nothing happens.It dosent even make the loading machines quit or exit
posted by Harry 10 months ago
That usually happens when the machine is quite complex. Try restarting Steam. If that doesn't work, try restarting your PC. If even after a verification of the game cache it doesn't work, then it might be that your PC can't handle it.
posted by BesiegeHomo 10 months ago
posted by BesiegeHomo 10 months ago
lol i saved a creation with 1 cannon on it and save it then clear the current creation i build in the sanbox then i load the creation, nothing happens lmao