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Unit-209 ALPHA [Drako, Drae-tastic-gast'd, Blitzkr

uploaded by Drako 1 year ago

Hi all! I'm back :) This is a SINGLE KEY BIPEDAL walker, easy to say, but hard to build and balance properly in my opinion. The angles of legs were a headache too. I hope you all enjoy a lot with this little jewell, its very fluid and stable, i like it very very much. While flying, it needs to be stabilized constantly a bit with T/G to prevent swinging, but flyies slow and perfectly fine when you take a bit of practice.

What can this machine do?
-Only 227 blocks.
-Fits in bounding box, can complete 33 of 34 levels.
-Walk forwards and backwards, and turn ofc.
-Fly with a pair of cool steam cannons while transform its legs.
-Has two rotary machine guns with 3 cannons each one, x5 cannon power. I managed to reduce the recoil as much as possible, shooting at once it means recoil x10 in a skinny weightless bipedal ^^' but works. Can shoot while flying too pressing at same time T.
-A pair of ranged missiles.

Arrow keys: walk.
Also Up Arrow untransforms automatically the legs before flying to start walking.
1: Main camera, also i like to play without it.

Hold X to transforms to flying mode + fly ("Steam VTOL").
T/G/F/H to move while flying.
-T and G stabilize the machine when it starts to swing.
-X+G to fly forwards, useful to avoid walls, or launch the rockets.
-The landings are easy, just dont press X a few miliseconds and it will go down slowly.

Right Control: Machine guns, need infinite ammo to enjoy it at 100%.
[1]/[2]: (numpad) Aims the missiles and machine guns up and down.
R/Y: Launch explosive on contact missiles.
X: The steam cannons can destroy something if you know how to fly nice.

MODs used:
Building tools by @Theguysyoudespise
PBP2 by @Itr
Comment and Like if you've enjoyed it! :)
posted by Asdfmatt 1 year ago
hey drako can you pls comment on my account im just collecting links to the accounts of big besiegers.i got one from ross plavsic
posted by RIDDIK 1 year ago
here it is link to drako's uploads
posted by Jagadsatriayossa 1 year ago
how tha hell you do that
posted by hamza7 1 year ago
its look like from robocraft

posted by SuckerZtheloner 1 year ago
it looks like metel gear rex kinda
posted by SuckerZtheloner 1 year ago
posted by Drako 1 year ago
haha tanks guys, its based in one ED-209 from robocop films, the lasts models not the old one
posted by CheeseOfFieryEternalDoom 1 year ago
Where do i find the skins?
posted by Drako 1 year ago
No idea here, i have the original game on steam and there the skins are listed and can download them directly from game. Here in besiegedownloads have no idea how to get them.
posted by urticantglobe86 1 year ago
how do i fire machine guns?
posted by Drako 1 year ago
oh, forgot, [0] numpad
posted by JackFreeze 1 year ago
can you upload skins fo this one? its in besiege_data skins folder, black, forest camo and cherry red
posted by ninh 1 year ago
Block Unit-209 ALPHA Shin Packs