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something for everyone

uploaded by anonymous 2 years ago

Credit for Gravity Rockets: ArcticBearz_
Credit for powered Rockets: everyone I suppose
Credit for Tank Tracks: Core88 inspired tracks, a creation I can only call the gefedertpanzer from an unknown creator inspired the suspension (I cannot find it anywhere online now but I have the bsg file if others need it), Jal inspired the secondary suspension above the tank tracks. Honorable mention to Aethereon the creator of the dire wolf for having a similar train of thought
Credit for Gravity Bomb Launcher: Elition
Credit for non gravity bomb launcher: Orax the Windspeaker
Credit for gatling cannon: Askhyqgf
Credit for mortars: gri gri
Credit to Besiege This and many others for inspiring me as well. Hope you all enjoy, have fun.

Controls: y fire gravity rockets, u fire powered rockets, 3-4-5-6 launch missiles, arrow keys guide, o fires mortars, rtfg moves the buggy and tank tracks, 1 fires gatling cannon, z fires drill punch gun, V fires the powered bomb launcher, C loads the catapult L fires it, B fires the gravity bomb launcher, and H primes the steam cannons and pistons of necessary pieces. Hope its not too chaotic its still in test mode only atm.

Credit: ZombieCow10 as the creator of this bsg file
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