How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Akahige 2 years ago

Block count 192

<controls >
Engine power Cruise/Full toggle: Z
Engine power ON/OFF toggle: X

Roll left: arrow left
Roll right: arrow right
Pitch forward: arrow up
Pitch back: arrow down
Yaw left: Q
Yaw righ: E

Landing gear: C/V
Cannon : 1
Spiral Bomb Rocket : 2
Rocet: 3,4,5

Change Camera: Right Ctrl

<Use these skins>
Blue Glay
Jet Black Skin Pack
Mandarin Orange Skin Pack
New Weapons Skin Pack
Sports Wheel Skin Pack
posted by Harry 2 years ago
Nice use of the Blue Gray hinges:)
posted by BesiegeHomo 2 years ago
akahige can i request monster truck wheels lol
posted by RIDDIK 2 years ago
you can get those wheels at steam workshop
posted by Akahige 2 years ago
Thanks everybody,
posted by CheeseOfFieryEternalDoom 2 years ago
Just downloading it
might be good from the picture