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The Wabbajack!

uploaded by StrydomCreations 1 year ago

The Wabbajack!
This jet is very fast, easy to fly, and has a powerful engine! You can use either TFGH controls OR Arrow Keys

Controls: General:
U: Cycle through camera modes
NM: Raise and lower the Landing Gear

Controls: Scheme ONE:
TFGH: Pitch and Roll
J: Toggle engine ON/OFF
X: More thrust
Z: Less thrust / Airbrake

Controls: Scheme TWO:
Arrow Keys: Pitch and Roll
RShift: Toggle engine ON/OFF
LShift: More thrust
LCtrl: Less thrust / Airbrake

You must pull up to take off, but you can take off almost instantly!

Enjoy :)
posted by Milchael 1 year ago
too much skyrim? :P
posted by StrydomCreations 1 year ago
The blessed Wabbajack! You must use it me! Wabbajack WABBAJACK WABBAJACK
posted by Blitsplatapus 1 year ago
sheogorath's jet plane
posted by RIDDIK 1 year ago
can you please make
independence day resurgance
alien spaceship