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The Wabbajack!

uploaded by StrydomCreations 11 months ago

The Wabbajack!
This jet is very fast, easy to fly, and has a powerful engine! You can use either TFGH controls OR Arrow Keys

Controls: General:
U: Cycle through camera modes
NM: Raise and lower the Landing Gear

Controls: Scheme ONE:
TFGH: Pitch and Roll
J: Toggle engine ON/OFF
X: More thrust
Z: Less thrust / Airbrake

Controls: Scheme TWO:
Arrow Keys: Pitch and Roll
RShift: Toggle engine ON/OFF
LShift: More thrust
LCtrl: Less thrust / Airbrake

You must pull up to take off, but you can take off almost instantly!

Enjoy :)
posted by Milchael 11 months ago
too much skyrim? :P
posted by StrydomCreations 11 months ago
The blessed Wabbajack! You must use it me! Wabbajack WABBAJACK WABBAJACK
posted by Blitsplatapus 11 months ago
sheogorath's jet plane
posted by RIDDIK 11 months ago
can you please make
independence day resurgance
alien spaceship