How do I use a .bsg file?

MkVII Tetrarch Tank

uploaded by JaZne 1 year ago

Required from - indonesiabesiege
To start tank first press H, then you can move with arrows UP, RIGHT, LEFT, (right+left=DOWN/back)
To move cannon tower press Y or X
To fire with cannon press C
Have fun !!
posted by indonesiabesiege 1 year ago
Very impressive! Good job! I working this for a while because my tetrarch project is big because freakin coil spring suspension! But good job for you.
posted by indonesiabesiege 1 year ago
You've also the fastest builder on besiege!
Wow so fast with even the tracks???!!!
Hooo boy, you have the great talent!
The tetrarch is(maybe/kinda)little too high.
The turret is grand and the barrel is same as real tetrarch!
You've made a tank infantry that like a 1 mins man!
I SALUTE YOU! Thanks.....
posted by JaZne 1 year ago
Yeah it is higher , I tried to make it lower but I couldnt do it :/
But Im glad you like it :D
If you want to take tracks or anything feel free to take it :D

posted by indonesiabesiege 1 year ago
Nah... it's good. I still tried my project. In fact, i not working only 1 tank but many of it like ferdinand that can rock crawling, ferdinand that can be"panzerflamm", hetzer using christie suspension, pz.1, cv-33, and realistic bt-24 that act really like keizoku one(girls und panzer:der film) and majestic huge badass karl SPG(not karl wolff),zis-30, katyusha, smaller fokker dr1(much smaller than shad one), yakovlev 1, ect. I play this game hours of hours, even shade's jet icon i'll try to make to fly and it work! But in ironic twist my game crash and i'll forgot to save it. Well... past is past. Sooooooo..... great!!! You are amazing builder! You're the 3rd person i salute in besiege(2nd is shade and 1st is my friend). Britain will proud of you.