How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Akahige 1 year ago

Block count 342

<controls >
Engine power Cruise/Full toggle: Z
Engine power ON/OFF toggle: X
Acceralation: Right Ctrl
Brake: Left Ctrl

Roll left: arrow left
Roll right: arrow right
Pitch forward: arrow up
Pitch back: arrow down
Yaw left: Q
Yaw righ: E

Landing gear: V/B

Cannon : C

Change Camera
Third Person: 1
Cockpit view: 2

<Use these skins>
Jet Black Skin Pack
M&B Extend
Mandarin Orange Skin Pack
Metal & Dope
BlackPaint --- Black Wooden Parts with Dark metals
Mosquito skin pack
posted by Artur 1 year ago
Its P? P-39?
posted by Akahige 1 year ago
This is no particular model
posted by elitekiller123 1 year ago
Don't even need the propellers on the front to fly, its like a turbine engine with compressors blades inside.