How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by JaZne 11 months ago

To move with truck press arrows UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT
To move rocket tower press first B, then you can press Y or X
To fire rockets press: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
To open doors press C, to close press V
Have fun !!
posted by indonesiabesiege 11 months ago
What variant it is? BM-12 ZIS-6?(maybe)
Katyusha can carry 5x2, 8x2, or 10x2
I'm build katyusha bm 12 for a days! Truck only!(exclude the interior)
Even the steering is flying block!
Messing around with the truck and it can fly. Great....
You built this in like a hour??? Marvelous!
Mine is taller and bigger than your's but thinner than real katyusha.
So cute because it's mini and ohhhh soooo cute! Once again good job!
Next time i suggest to you katyusha with tank tracks. One in GUP ooarai met pravda in shenshadou event.
And oh yeah, T-34 med. tank. The most historical tank in WW2 because the tank met the "white" tiger 1, legend tank that can appear and disappear in smoke situation, fire the shells like 1 sec/fire and still moving while the inside tank was burning. Watch the white tiger film from original stories but make sure is subbed because it's russian movie.
posted by JaZne 10 months ago
Yeah I just look at picture and build what I can.
I dont go into the details because it hard to build like that :D