How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by JaZne 1 year ago

To move with truck press arrows UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT
To move rocket tower press first B, then you can press Y or X
To fire rockets press: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
To open doors press C, to close press V
Have fun !!
posted by indonesiabesiege 1 year ago
What variant it is? BM-12 ZIS-6?(maybe)
Katyusha can carry 5x2, 8x2, or 10x2
I'm build katyusha bm 12 for a days! Truck only!(exclude the interior)
Even the steering is flying block!
Messing around with the truck and it can fly. Great....
You built this in like a hour??? Marvelous!
Mine is taller and bigger than your's but thinner than real katyusha.
So cute because it's mini and ohhhh soooo cute! Once again good job!
Next time i suggest to you katyusha with tank tracks. One in GUP ooarai met pravda in shenshadou event.
And oh yeah, T-34 med. tank. The most historical tank in WW2 because the tank met the "white" tiger 1, legend tank that can appear and disappear in smoke situation, fire the shells like 1 sec/fire and still moving while the inside tank was burning. Watch the white tiger film from original stories but make sure is subbed because it's russian movie.
posted by JaZne 1 year ago
Yeah I just look at picture and build what I can.
I dont go into the details because it hard to build like that :D