How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by StrydomCreations 2 years ago


Weaponized, Four Bomb tipped Rockets! Maneuverable, Fast, Very easy to fly!

LShift: Cycle through cameras
IK: Raise and lower the Landing Gear
X: More thrust
Z: Less thrust / Airbrake

NM: Missiles

Two schemes to choose from!
TFGH /or/ Arrow Keys: Pitch and Roll
RY /or/ RCtrl & (Num)0: Yaw
J /or/ RShift: Toggle engine ON/OFF

You need to pull up to take off, but it can take off almost instantly!

Enjoy :)
posted by StrydomCreations 2 years ago
damn, the site doesn't let you update machines... I updated it on the workshop, independent missiles and added 2 more bombs... Do you guys want me to delete this one and upload the new version???? It's better?