How do I use a .bsg file?

Manual Express

uploaded by Harry 2 years ago

The title just sounds wrong...

You see that big yellow ballast? That's what you have to grab with Grab Objects Mode

How to:
-Hold the ballast, press V, drag it towards you until it sticks to the grabber in the bottom part of the screen.
-Drag it right and left to steer. You can press H to drag it even more.
-Press v again and let the yellow ballast stick back up to stop the train.
-You can press Q to release some pressure

Have fun!

If you don't understand any of the instructions, ask.
posted by LaruaWraith 2 years ago
Looks good. Your manual creations are amazing! I figured it out but you should mention to use camera [F] for launching it :D And could you tell me your secret? What is powering the wheels? Witchcraft?
posted by Harry 2 years ago
Yes. Witchcraft.
They're unpowered. Moving that ballast around is how the train moves
posted by LaruaWraith 2 years ago
Sorry, this is too advanced to me :D Could you ELI5 or is it a state secret?
posted by LaruaWraith 2 years ago
I missed it the first time I was going through key mapping, sorry. I found the source of witchery. Still amazing :D