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ASD F-16

uploaded by Asdfmatt 2 years ago

Sup peeps I'm back! I know I haven't in a while that's cause i ran out of...inspiration i guess? and ive been reading a lot lately never got around to tinkering in besiege like the good old days, anyways.....

HAPPY THANKSGIVING (I'm a little too late so sorry)
HAPPY HANUKKAH for those who don't celebrate chrishmash

any way here's a plane that i made using the engine featured in the bearded beast's new video
i didn't finish it. I ran out of inspiration and i never know what the front of a plane should look
its really really really fast, just a warning

posted by Asdfmatt 2 years ago
finish it if you want to just give me credit
posted by Asdfmatt 2 years ago
this is my 1st back propelled plane
i just noticed i totally forgot the controls L shift for thrust arrows to move
posted by Asdfmatt 2 years ago
use invincibility
posted by TheMacawMacaw 1 year ago
do you remember me? I'm finally back