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Nod's Leviathan - Mobile Command Facility

uploaded by Shade 2 years ago

The Leviathan is the Brotherhood of Nod Support Class's Tier 3 heavy capital warship.

As requested by youtube user Niket.

A massive battlestation, the Leviathan is a self-sufficient space-borne vessel, complete with a bridge, helmsman, navigation and other essential facilities.

The Leviathan is too large to be constructed inside the Support Crawler and is called from its cruising altitude high up in the atmosphere down to combat altitudes when it is needed.

Finally uploaded something that is not a plane.

I started this Leviathan more than five months ago but I just recently finished it. I did not find a way to make the Drone upgrade in Besiege, so this Leviathan only have long range fire thrower.

Default Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Tilt: F/H
Ascend: X
Descend: C

Alternative Arrow Key Controls --
Forward/Backward: Up/Down
Ascend: X
Descend: C

Rotate Flame Turret: Num 1/Num 3
Fire Turret Flamethrower: Num 2

Camera modes --
Third Person: 1
Front facing, navigate better
Turret Operator: 2
Fire at the center of the screen, aim better
Overhead View: 3
Better view of the battlefield
Block count: 397

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posted by RIDDIK 2 years ago
is it the laser mod or just video effects
which mod
posted by Shade 2 years ago
both are correct. check video description.
posted by leMinecraftian 2 years ago
hey can you build an f-15 eagle that turns into starscream please