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Point Blank

uploaded by Ross 1 year ago

I designed this machine to reach the crystal in zone 32 without opening the doors, to see if the crystal could be destroyed that way. You can see the experiment in the video!

Point Blank is also well-braced for strength, and armed with 5 aimable cannons, to make it fun to use in other zones. It's especially good at taking out unwanted aircraft. And the extendable cannon arm can detonate bombs and bomb yaks from a safe distance. Have fun!


Up Arrow = forward
Left or Right = steer
Left and Right = reverse

T/G = move cannon arm forward/back
F/H = aim cannon left/right
R = extend arm
Y = fire cannon on arm

~/Q = raise/lower the other 4 cannons
Numbers 1-4 = fire the other 4 cannons
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