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ASF-X Shinden II

uploaded by StrydomCreations 1 year ago

The ASF-X Shinden II is a next-generation combat aircraft. In the Ace Combat Assault Horizon universe, the aircraft was a prototype for the active service variants, collectively known as the F-3 Shinden II, developed to protect Japanese airspace. The ASF-X Shinden II was created by Sh?ji Kawamori, known as the creator of the Macross series.
It can take off normally or vertically, has two different wing and three different tail configuration like the original aircraft.
Equipped with six bomb-tipped rockets and a cannon.

Huge thank-you to Shade for helping nail the proportions of the aircraft, and making the awesome video, check out his YouTube channel!

U: Cycle through camera modes (there are 3 of them)
RYTFGH: Pitch, Roll and Yaw
J: Engine (toggle)
Z: Increase Thrust (supersonic/dogfight mode)
X: Decrease Thrust & Airbrake
C: VTOL (hold)
IK: Raise/Lower landing gear & takeoff + approach mode
123(Num): Missiles
0(Num): Cannon

*The VTOL takeoff can be hard to get used to, the "easy" way is hit J and Z/C and pitch accordingly, when you're off the ground and moving forwards raise the landing gear and then let go of C. This all takes about 3 seconds, good luck :)
*When you land, just before touching the ground, hold X, this will reduce the impact on the landing gear and make the landing smoother.

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I do upload mine here.
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