How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by new 1 year ago

up arrow=get ready for sheild regainerating
y=regenerate sheild
i wont post a picture
because i want to bait you(i mean you look at the photo you ignore it
but no photo should intreast you
Special Features:
1)stay inside the shield or you will BE AS GOOD AS DEAD/BURNED!!!!
2)360 cover
3)could fet 4 of my heavy tanks!!!(mine of course)
4)you could upgrade or extend covering area
5)2 modes:
1=inviciblity on makes a perfect circle around you with strong affect!!
2=non invicibilty makes a shield that covers you completly but weak!!
air machines,but to STOP that you have to deactivate invicibilty!!!
Note:this is a reupload because the original one didnt go on the newest creations page!
posted by Jinxed 1 year ago
Nice bro, No screen shot tho? np I like it