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C-H MASSIVE(what took me this long to make)

uploaded by new 1 year ago

A lot of controls
not all of them but well i am lazy
a-s-d-w=turret rotate+aim cannon
y=regenerate shield
u=heat ray
z=fire backup gun
x=fire main cannon(11 strengh)
Problem:might explode when starting the simulation changing the speed helps, a lot
right shift=tighten the tracks
Question: why did it take me this long to make this?
Answer:if you download you will find out that this is prototype111
here are some things i upgraded a lot:
mk1-mk7:made special tracks that are great for hills,climbing mountains and PROTECTION
mk8-mk13=make the body
and so on
metal and dope,cam0 and snow
Thanks to Blitsplatapus and Beseigehomo for sharing the skinpacks!
there is an easter egg some where
if you find it tell me what it is
invincibility required
42% speed recommended
posted by new 1 year ago
do you know how to share files on mediafire i made a skinpack