How do I use a .bsg file?

All Terrain Tank

uploaded by Harry 1 year ago

Arrow keys (or) WASD to move

F for first person

Press R Shift when you can't climb sth.

L Shift and Caps Lock to tilt the camera

Have fun! Note: I think you need invincibility; didn't try without
posted by Harry 1 year ago
While making this I discovered sth nice. The more pressure you have on the ground, the faster the vehicle is, as it has better traction. There's a sweet spot which varies on the speed the wheels are set on
posted by snicke 1 year ago
good job man , its cool
posted by new 1 year ago
Wow you played beseige more than me,but discovered something i discovered
Quicker than you.

posted by Harry 1 year ago
Well, I knew that already. I just didn't know it worked with tanks too:) (or rather didn't consider that option)
posted by new 1 year ago
Lmao I knew that with tanks not normal creations because I make tanks,
I am learning to make planes I made one that is painful to control but can fly
I didnt upload it by the way.