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Boeing Model 1 (B & W)

uploaded by Kenny1999 2 years ago

The Boeing Model 1 was an American sea biplane, and it was the first and early Boeing's products. The name B&W came from Boeing meaning it was built and designed by William Edward Boeing and his college friend George Conrad Westervelt. They produced 2 of these and named them Bluebill and Mallard. Honestly, they are nice names. They are sold to New Zealand as a mail plane in 1916.

Recently, I've made a Steam account and bought the "original" copy of the game. Now my Besiege is no longer cracked, it is now original. I bought it to taste those advanced machines on the workshop and those artistic skins on the workshop, perhaps also upload things in the workshop. I'm completely new to Steam (and the Forums). When I subscribe machines, I found out that they use a secret block "Small Propellor" that you can use to attach other blocks on the propeller. It looks same with the normal small propeller, but you can build on it, and we somehow don't know how to get it. I don't know how to get it either. All those VIP and advanced planes on the workshop used not much propellers for their wings. They only use 1 - 5 propellers for 1 wing. Not like mine here, using lots of propellers for 1 wing. It's because I don't know how to get the secret block "Small Propellor" yet, and it doesn't show up in-game. I think players really need this block, especially for people who likes to make something fly. If somebody knows and has purchase version of Besiege, please do share on the forums (for the people). Thanks.

I can only do what they do is the give a machine a blade finish, making it look glossy. The hinge finish is the matte finish.


z = start engine/stop engine
t/g/f/h = manuever
posted by Kenny1999 2 years ago
hmm, school is almost back, I probably have less time to play :(
posted by Jotas 1 year ago
You can get the small from a mod called Precision Building Project 2 that has an option for spawn blocks
posted by Jotas 1 year ago
The small propeller is a hidden block