How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by CCCanyon 1 year ago

This time I build like a platypus XD.
It is inspired by Blitsplatapus' fascinating armored vehicles. I've always want my own armored ground vehicle and here it is. I use quite a lot building techniques from Blitsplatapus' tanks and APVs.

200 Blocks
Power x6.0 Cannon
Stable Turret

T F G H --- turret
1 2 3 --- cameras
Z X C ..... < > / (all of the bottom row keys) --- cannon
Arrow keys --- move around

Using the same skin packs as the Balrog Mk5 APV by Blitsplatapus.
Find the skin packs' link here:
posted by CCCanyon 1 year ago
There are various problem with it.
Please download this creation here: