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The "Scarab" Rock Crawler

uploaded by catasstrophy 11 months ago

The "Scarab" is a rock crawler inspired by Rocket League's Scarab (hence the name). It is not entirely necessary to use invincibility. However, if you wish to climb some rocks, I would recommend you do. Also, as it is inspired by Rocket League's Scarab, there is a "rocket" in the form of a powerful water canon.

UpArrow - Forward
DownArrow - Back
LeftArrow - Turn left
RightArrow - Turn right
O - Engage booster
I & P - Roll
F - Change camera

A Few Quick Tips:
If you flip the creation upside down, you can roll it the right way up with I and P.
If you are struggling climbing, use the booster to help.
To perform a sharp turn hold LeftArrow, UpArrow and I to turn left and RightArrow, UpArrow and P to turn right.
posted by Depep1 11 months ago
if u don't mind ima take that suspension idea and make a car that actually looks good

im on steam btw thats where the real fame comes from
posted by catasstrophy 11 months ago
I'm not looking for fame, go ahead and use it, it'd be great to see a creation that actually looks good with this sorta suspension XD