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The "Scarab" Rock Crawler

uploaded by catasstrophy 1 year ago

The "Scarab" is a rock crawler inspired by Rocket League's Scarab (hence the name). It is not entirely necessary to use invincibility. However, if you wish to climb some rocks, I would recommend you do. Also, as it is inspired by Rocket League's Scarab, there is a "rocket" in the form of a powerful water canon.

UpArrow - Forward
DownArrow - Back
LeftArrow - Turn left
RightArrow - Turn right
O - Engage booster
I & P - Roll
F - Change camera

A Few Quick Tips:
If you flip the creation upside down, you can roll it the right way up with I and P.
If you are struggling climbing, use the booster to help.
To perform a sharp turn hold LeftArrow, UpArrow and I to turn left and RightArrow, UpArrow and P to turn right.
posted by Depep1 1 year ago
if u don't mind ima take that suspension idea and make a car that actually looks good

im on steam btw thats where the real fame comes from
posted by catasstrophy 1 year ago
I'm not looking for fame, go ahead and use it, it'd be great to see a creation that actually looks good with this sorta suspension XD