How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Blitsplatapus 1 year ago


Arrow keys to pitch and roll
I,O to Accelerate and Decelerate
C for the machine gun
1,2,3,4,5,6 for the rocket pods
F for camera mode

The drones are commonly used in the military but because of its good features it became the most awesome toys that you could have in your life because you could sneak up to your neighbor's lawn or make an awesome camera angle for filming even for James bond situations if you're a secret agent like him everything you want the drone could make fun of everything but we can't afford it so that's why we have the game besiege we could make our own drone and that's why I've started to make a drone for fun and it was equipped with 6-round rocket pods and decent good cannon and also a sort of good camera angle for a perfect aim, its stable in flight but it doesn't have a landing gear and its kinda hard to control because it doesn't have a yaw mechanism so you just need to do was to pitch and roll gently so could control it a little bit

For those who doesn't have steam just copy the link and download the skin

When you're done open the folder and copy the folders then go to "Besiege_Data" and open "Skins"
and import those files and you're done
posted by jetpackaidan 1 year ago
This thing is awesome! It's easy to control and fun to use. Are you gonna make a creation mainly using the new crossbow (or vacuum) next? That would be awesome! I am excited to see how these new blocks can be used for your creations.