How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by StrydomCreations 1 year ago

This is made for climbing the huge Sandbox and Barren Expanse Mountains! Features RTC Steering and a Jet engine!

Two schemes to choose from!
~TFGH or Arrow Keys: Drive and steering
~RY or RCtrl & (Num)0: Roll in-air
~X or RShift: Speed Boost
~LShift: Cycle through 2 camera modes

~don't die

Enjoy :)
posted by 1Second 1 year ago
i like it alot <3
posted by RadiactivePotato 1 year ago
What's the name of the skin of wood plates? Can you give me the download link? thanks

posted by StrydomCreations 1 year ago
It's on the workshop :/