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FPV Racing Quadcopter (THE ORIGINAL)

uploaded by StrydomCreations 1 year ago

FPV Racing Quadcopter
Block Count : 74
This Quad is very fast, agile, easy to fly! Perfect for stunts or flying around the sandbox!

~N: 1st Person View
~B: 3rd Person View
~TFGH: Pitch and Roll
~RY: Yaw
~X: Increase Lift
~Z: Decrease Lift
~J toggle: Rotors ON/OFF

~The Quadcopter creeps forwards on it's own if you just enable J.
~Use X while flying around to go faster, although for precise flying you can use X and Z to increase or decrease altitude. Don't forget to use FPV camera! The quadcopter performs best at high speeds, so don't be afraid to fly as fast as you can!

Enjoy :)
posted by RIDDIK 1 year ago
you uploaded it too early
posted by minesam14 1 year ago
One of the funniest flying desings I've seen in a long time!
posted by RIDDIK 1 year ago
you are wrong / one of the best flying design ever
posted by Polo5 1 year ago
RIDDIK yours is exactly the same.
posted by RIDDIK 1 year ago
i did the replica
little bit different from original
posted by GoldenMushroom 1 year ago
I like this machine, easy to use!