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MedMark 2

uploaded by MedMarcos 1 year ago

Well. I was a time without internet, in that time I focused to produce machines. Now I already have 25 machines created.
And this is the second MedMark:
The original idea was make a armored car. Protected from nearby melee attacks with saw around the machine and with two Flamethrowers, this machine always be standing. Also it has two sharpnel cannon in front for aheaded enemies. If u need destroy some build u have one missile fired from behind. U can make melee attacks with extensible drill in front, if u have already shooted all weapons. And finally if u want to take high speed u have two steam boost.
Enjoy it :D

+Left Wheels | (UpArrow/DownArrow)
+Right Wheels | (KeyPad8/KeyPad2)
+Flamethrowers (FT)
-Left FT | ( F button)
-Right FT | ( H button)
+Sharpnel Cannons | ( T button)
-Unlock missile | ( X button)
-Lunch missile | ( C button)
+Drill | ( V button)
+Boost ( Z button)
-1st person Cam. | (Keypad5)
-3rd person Cam. | (Keypad7)
-Missile Rack Cam. | (Keypad9)
-Missile Cam. | (Keypad9)

Notice: Try to disable the boost if u want turn. If you are turning while the boost is enabled, it can would crash the machine.
?All MedMarks were updated of their original version. Were updated with something that I call "The XML knowedge" (I will explain it in the MedMark 21 description) and with cameras!!!
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