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DW Scorpion MK IV

uploaded by dibs 1 week ago

Changes from the MK III
-Extra Shielding to prevent the turning wheels catching fire from the engines.
-Changed the tail weapons payload over from rockets to 2x Steam propelled bombs

The steam bombs have excellent range and accuracy. To fire the bombs, Start both the steam engines as well as the steam canons. This will help stop the creation from tipping or damaging the legs due to major shifts in weight.

*Auto-Shotguns require unlimited ammo
*Must be moving to turn

Same controls as before:
Left and Right Arrows = Alternate legs to march the vehicle forwards.
Up Arrow = Toggle Steam Engines
Q and E = Turning
R.Ctrl and Num 0 = Raise and Lower Tail weapons
1 = Auto-Shotgun
~ = Toggle Steam Cannons
2 = Bomb 1
3 = Bomb 2
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