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DW Scorpion MK IVa

uploaded by dibs 1 year ago

This variant of my MK IV is armed with a steam propelled bomb launcher fed by a 4 round detachable magazine. The bombs can be fired single shot or automatic. When trying to fire single shots, poor timing can result in a bomb getting wedged and exploding.

-To fire bombs, toggle the steam cannons on with '~' then hold '2' to feed bombs.

*Auto-Shotguns require unlimited ammo
*Must be moving to turn

Same controls as before:
Left and Right Arrows = Alternate legs to march the vehicle forwards.
Up Arrow = Toggle Steam Engines
Q and E = Turning
R.Ctrl and Num 0 = Raise and Lower Tail weapons
1 = Auto-Shotgun
~ = Toggle Steam Cannons
2 = Bomb Feed
3 = Detach magazine
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