How do I use a .bsg file?

Yakolev Yak-1

uploaded by Kenny1999 2 years ago

The Yakolev Yak 1 was a Soviet fighter aircraft that was produced in the 1940s. It was reliable and maneuver well at that time. It was built using wood wings. It is one of the earliest World War 2 aircraft produced by the Soviet Union.

Yes, this is uploaded after the 0.42 update. It was built before the update, having a break in weekdays (school days), but when I planned to mount weapons, steam announced update 0.42. So, ok fine, I install the modloader and realized that the TGYD Building Tools is broken, and Easy scale is not yet updated. So the aircraft is uploaded with no weapons.


z = start/stop engine
t/g/f/h = maneuver
posted by new 2 years ago
I don't use mods that is why I don't have Probs with new updates
good creation.