How do I use a .bsg file?

Skins Updated Besiege v0.42

uploaded by Akahige 10 months ago

bsg file is dummy.

Updated my creation skins for Besiege v0.42.

3colore Camo Skinpack
3colore Camo Skinpack 2
Blue Glay Skinpack
Cherry Red Skinpack
Jet Black Skinpack
Mad Way Skinpack
Mandarin Orange Skinpack
Metal & Dope Skinpack
Mosquito Skinpack
Sand Skinpack
Teal Skinpack
Viridian Skinpack

Remain unchanged Skins

Car Parts Skinpack
Metal & Dope Skinpack Extend
Offroad Wheel Skinpack
Shark Mouth Skinpack
Sports Wheel Skinpack
Tank Crawler Skin Pack
New Weapons Skin Pack
posted by Harry 10 months ago
I see you were busy:)
posted by Druggernaut127 10 months ago
I only recently noticed you labeled your offroad mags on the small wheels lol, cool touch, and thank you for providing an alternative download for skins for non-steam
posted by Akahige 10 months ago
Thanks, I will be glad if you use it
posted by new 10 months ago
Well,,,I use pretty much 3 quarters of your skins
They are pretty good and awesome cause without thim there would not be any skins on this site!
posted by BudChamp 7 months ago
can any of these work in v.04? not v.042
posted by Akahige 7 months ago
I think that it's not particularly a problem.