How do I use a .bsg file?

Realistic 4x4 base

uploaded by Druggernaut127 1 year ago

Improvement from my previous drivetrain and diff creation, i am using the diff that i saw on one of oziboys cars.
3 linked gears provide power which is transferred to both front and back diffs.
i dont like RTC steering so i try and avoid using it.

arrow controls
does not appear to need invincibility lol
posted by Druggernaut127 1 year ago
You will need the cv joints mod it is available here
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
Looking good, my problem with my design are the front wheels

it's not the RTC because honestly that's freaking easy

the issue is, I have no single idea how I'm supposed to make the wheels turn around their own axis

and it really really bothers me

RTC isn't even important right now

Also, we have to design a CV joint that doesn't require the mod
posted by Druggernaut127 1 year ago
I've already designed on that works like the bmw x5 cv joint but it's massive (7 blocks in diameter) other that it works like a beauty