How do I use a .bsg file?

Simple mountin climber

uploaded by new 1 year ago

h=Quick climbing mode
well... It is a vanilla mountin climber
(with bsg file edit)
I put a Rotating saw under it so.........Idk(I don't know)
It is also fast with 2 modes
1)normal mode:for hills(and similer things)
2)quick climbing mode:for mountinss(and similaer things)
Tip:Switching between modes is critical when you are stuck somewhere

Can we hit 5 Likes?

posted by cowblunk 1 year ago
were is it
posted by Ross 1 year ago
I'm glad I gave this one a try! It looks really cool as it articulates around the hills. But why is there a squished vacuum on one corner?
posted by new 1 year ago
I don't know (maybe just to look like it is making smoke).