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Jump Quad 2 - Tail-Sitter VTOL

uploaded by CCCanyon 10 months ago

Inspired by CUTANGUS's creations at deviantart[website: http], tail-sitter planes, and quadcopters like the Quadshot.

Self stabilized VTOL mode.
Easy to fly.
Dual power x5.0 cannons.
188 Blocks.

Goes to self stabilized VTOL mode when pitches upright.

Arrow keys --- pitch and roll
Left ctrl --- start engine
Z, X --- ac/decelerate
Q, E --- yaw
L-alt, R-ctrl --- alternative yaw

F G H --- cameras
C --- cannons

Numpad VTOL Quadcopter Control:
4 5 6
1 2 3 --- pitch, roll, yaw
posted by new 10 months ago
Well This is a weird thing.
posted by Harry 10 months ago
CUTANGUS was on my watching list:))
posted by ulfhednar 10 months ago
Very smooth, very stable try this landing method with a gryo stabilizer on top of the machine.