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Walker - Larger version

uploaded by killofo 1 year ago

Larger Walker, with a bit more weapons

Block Count = 560
Run Speed = ~80%


Does not need invincibility
Infinite ammo can be used ( for top steam cannon mainly )
sometimes it can survive bombs to the legs and still work

MODS used

Building Tools
No bounds
Easy Scale

-Specific details and controls at bottom


[P] = Unpin First

[Left/Right Brackets] = Left/Right Legs
[Arrow Keys] = Torque Engine Tilt forwards/back, and slight turning
[O] = Hover/glide (can be tricky)
[,] [.] = Powerful torque engines for when machine falls on it's back / front


[F] = Front view / Water cannon aim / Aocket aim
[1] = water cannon
[2] = flame for water cannon - (use carefully due to recoil)

[X] = Leg flames
[Z] = Water cooling system - (to protect torque engine from fires)

[Keypad 1, 2] = high impact rockets 1 & 2

[V] = release grabber for Balloons
[keypad minus] = release grabbers for rockets

- Using brackets, take large/long steps (Since it looks better)
- small steps ccould cause it to fall (and grip pads can make it tricky), use torque engine (arrow keys) to adjust

-if turning right, [Left Bracket] and [right arrow key] etc. or just tap the same leg slowly
-----play around you'll get use to it
- OR - Keep stable and tap [O] and turn with arrow keys for float/hover turning.

if water cooling turned on, [,][.] Torque engines may not be enough, use [arrow keys] to help make walker get up

when flying, use arrow key torque engines, don't turn too much whilst flying in forward/back otherwise it can tumble

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