How do I use a .bsg file?

SU-25T Frogfoot

uploaded by BrightObjectPilot 1 year ago

takeoff flaps down: 77kn
takeoff flpas up: 81kn
stall flaps down: 38kn
stall flaps up: 38kn
VNE: 400kn
mx climb efficiency: 45 degrees
lifting power: 24 block units
powerplant: 2 engines ( 17 power thrust)
ejection seat: yes
blocks number: 337
structural decay: N\D
gear creash tollerance: 4(y axis)
speed: 6.5\10
stability: 9.5\10
maneuvering: 7\10
wings efficiency: 6\10
skills to use: 7\10
posted by BrightObjectPilot 1 year ago
Also is possible to install some weapons under the wings.
For a better attack sequence use a fixed camera under the fuselage.