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2 cilinder vacuum engine

uploaded by oziboy 3 months ago

This is a demonstration of what can be done with a vacuum engine

it's randomly made, I didn't think when making this at all

if you look closely it's similar to Royce's O engine

Just hit Y to start, it'll run on its own, else give a nudge anti clockwise

it has good RPM but literally no torque
posted by oziboy 3 months ago
forgot to mention, you cannot put the vacuum power to 3 or something, it won't work, it'll block the engine
posted by Roycehellion 3 months ago
Ill dl tomorrow. I have my plan for a hybrid engine that should be fun, its valveless too. I did get the power on my vac engine up to 5 or so before it failed. Thats what it was set to when i t was running the car in the vid i linked to.
posted by Roycehellion 3 months ago
Neat idea. Makes no torque though, but so do pretty much all the vacuum engines ive seen so far. My I4 had to be really cranked up to run a car.
posted by oziboy 3 months ago
We should make a grenade engine

I know it's possible, I made a prototype

The feeder mechanism is alright, only somethings missing to feed the feeder, or make the mag run smoothly because it bottlenecks the grenades flowing through