How do I use a .bsg file?

Dreagast'd Ikran

uploaded by Dragon 1 year ago

Just so many modes to fly with this.Drae check this out.It flaps and turns very smooth,you can dive,move the engines up or down.
posted by LordKarl 1 year ago
You can't call this Draegast'd if he hasn't even seen it, let alone download it. That's false advertising.
posted by Dragon 1 year ago
i have seen creation that had Draegast'd in their names and were supposed to be checked out by him that why its advertised like this so he knows their are made for him.but did you liked my creation?
posted by LordKarl 1 year ago
They go along the lines of "DRAEGAST PLEASE SEE THIS", and then after it's shown, they change it to Draegast'd. I'm not criticizing you or saying it's a bad creation (it's pretty good) but it's still false advertising.