How do I use a .bsg file?

Armored Mini-Fortress

uploaded by RobertX45 1 year ago

Y-U:rotate left frontal turret; H-J: up and down left frontal turret; 7:shot left flamethrower; 8:shot left cannon
I-O:rotate right frontal turret; K-L: up and down right frontal turret; 9:shot right cannon; 0:shot right flamethrower
Driving:Up arrow, left and right, down arrow
R-T:rotate middle rocket turret; F-G:up and down middle rocket turret; Numpad:1,2,3 fire missiles
Numpar 4-6:control traction hook(in front); 4(no numpad): release grabber
V-B:release grenade(in the back); 2:blow them up
3:shot shrapnel cannons(in the back); can be used as a weapon/boost
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