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T-34 Rebirth

uploaded by Kenny1999 2 years ago

T34 was a Soviet medium assault "war winning" tank. It wasn't revolutionary, but it could blow Panzers to hell. It was designed (1937-1940) and produced (1940-1958), and ends all wars bringing peace and freedom to Europe.

This is a T34 tank that I made, I called it "Rebirth" because I made it once few years ago. This is the realistic version of the tank, and I'll probably make more of my older tanks into a realistic way. I also photograph the tank, the same exact way with the old one. But this time, there is no tracks. Making tracks are very complicated and sometimes left out to be ''Besiege classic-ish''. It is also inspired from Blitsplatapus' building style which uses no tracks on his tanks, and always remain ''realistic''.



arrow keys = drive
x = machine gun
c = fire main gun
t/g/f/h = adjust main turret


1 = driver's view
2 = turret view
3 = gunner view

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My beseige got deleted by accident
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