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DA Steamfighter MK II

uploaded by dibs 1 year ago

It's been a while since i played with my Steamfighter, so i made some minor improvements. Overall it's heavier, slower and easier to manage. The weight balance is slightly better aswell.

+ 2x Pairs of rockets
+ Yaw Controls

*Auto-Cannons require unlimited ammo

Arrows = Pitch and Roll
Q + E = Yaw
~ = Toggle engines
R.Ctrl + Num 0 = Landing gear
1 = Auto-Cannons
2 + 3 = Rockets
posted by RobertX45 1 year ago
I really like it, easy to use and can do stunts easily. And im amazed my pc can handle it. Good work
posted by dibs 1 year ago
Thanks, glad you like it!