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Proof of concept combustion engine

uploaded by oziboy 1 year ago

When directly connected, the vacuum block can create an indirectly attached valve system due to being able to suck only one block at a time.

Therefore, the feeder system for the engine becomes lightweight and gives us the ability to finally create working explosion engines.

This is a proof of concept build, meaning it's possible.
Which also means this isn't necessary the best bet for an explosion engine.

The issue with this is the timing and the distance I used, also, sometimes it sucks more than just one block.

But tell ya what, it's close, all we need now is a good mech in order to ignite the grenades.

I can make the fuel smaller by using the block spawner block

I hope I inspired some people, I'm going to deepen into this myself and we'll see how far we can go

Instructions: Lower game speed, enable zero gravity, invincibility and god's hand
Spin the piston and press Y

It'll spin and switch directions but I know what the issue is, I might fix it later
posted by Polo5 1 year ago
Cool, in real life fuel is like millions of tiny grenades, and the functionality is a little more polished since this is just a proof of concept.

I tried doing something similar with shrapnel cannons that get heated by torches when they need to fire and push the piston.
posted by Roycehellion 1 year ago
Still creates the problem i had with mine. Ive already made one of these, but the fuel supply is still an issue. To generate torque you need a heavy flywheel for consistent RPM and large fuel supply. you could shrink the living heck out of the grenades for size constraints, but still. Im not seeing this as viable to power a moving machine with. I like the idea of using the vacuum, but theres a lot of ways to meter grenades as fuel.

Link to mine:

With mine you can see it could meter just as well with a hopper loaded right above the feed arm. I didnt mod then, so it wasnt as easy to build.
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
Shrapnell cannons aren't very good, they are not really explosions but more little blocks that hit another to accellerate

bombs are literal explosions

@Roycehellion, yeah, to be honest I'm not planning this to be able to run any moving vehicle, unless we can have these blocks: cup, fuel, pipes and a pump
posted by Druggernaut127 1 year ago
Im nowhere near good enough for something like this but for your feed mechanism i think royce is on the right track, take a look at the gearing inside a Dye Rotor 2 paintball hopper its literally designed to stop bottlenecks happening inside with the paintballs and it has an extremely simple yet effective gearing setup, im pretty sure you could come up with a besiege version, i'll try mock up a feeder hopper of my own
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
My aim is to design a valveless feeder to reduce drag, similar to koeningsegg engines

I'll check it out and besiege it tho
posted by Druggernaut127 1 year ago
If you looking at valveless engines why not try go back to basics with a 2 stroke design? Imy just speculating as I am no besiege engine wiz but I've rebuilt many in real life.