How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Swiath0Thai0 1 year ago

A WWII SPG that need to play with Infinite Ammo, No Invincibility require so... Bomb All The Way!! ** Work In Process**
It's a big SPG no real turret just a gun move up and down slow movement with high fire power.

Movement Control: (Simple Tank Control)
H to Thigh Track
Left Track .
4 to Move Forward
1 to Move Backward
Right Track.
5 to Move Forward
2 to Move Backward

Turret Control:
Left Shift to Turn Upward
Left Ctrl to Turn Downward

L to Lock the Recoil
C to Shoot Cannon
*This is My First ever publish so my english seem bad
**If this creation is work well please let's me know
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