How do I use a .bsg file?

Awesome Climber v2.0

uploaded by Flazzy 1 year ago

Improved version of the last one.
-Added better suspension
-Added two cameras
-Now with armor
-More missiles (for better boost)!

How to control:

-Use arrows to go Forwards/Backwards/Left/Right
-'T' to activate the missiles for a boost
-'H' to extend the two back pistons
-'V' to detach things of the back grabber
-'QUOTE ('| # \' key)' to detach the missles
-'J' Enable suspension
-'F' Switch camera

Skins it uses:

-Blue Glay:
-Cherry Red:
-Mad Way:

Also works with ZeroG mode!

Unfortunately, it breaks easily without ZeroG. So choose between Invincibility mode and ZeroG mode :/
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