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Birotor Drone [Drako]

uploaded by Drako 1 year ago

Built as a first choice for my Crusader Tank but was not like the original Hellfire drone. Now there it is. Pretty sure can complete all the levels because have 2 missiles and a grabber, but, of course some of them will take tons of patience (like killing knights or birds...)
Btw so proud of its self-stabilization, and with the missiles too, because i managed them to dont leave residual blocks on the drone. Is very easy to decompensate a drone as small as this, while weaponizing it.

-No balloons, no tricks
-Block count: 79
-Torqueless birotor self-stabilizing
-Two mid-long ranged missiles explode on contact
-Grabber to complete levels
-When missiles are launched, it fly even better

P: UNPIN MACHINE+Toogle engines
T,F,G,H: move
J: Toogle engines ON/OFF. Use this for lower altitude.
X: Gain altitude
R,Y: Missiles
V: Grabber
Left shift: camera, also i dont use it.

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