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Rechargeable, Fast Catapult 15 Shots

uploaded by Drako 1 year ago

Remember besiege almost one year ago? No much mods and no much super-stuff. I felt nostalgic today, while fixing this old catapult, was builded without mods, and now i changed some blocks. The little point is the charging system (15 shots), and other point is nowadays there are not many of them! And, well, is funny to shoot in parabola ¯\_(?)_/¯

So... i decided to reupload it to see if you people like catapults too :)

-It is pretty fast.
-The suspension system works nice, in fasts speeds too.
-Can adjust the basket to change the parabola distance.
-The rechargeable system protects the bombs from arrows and from movement, even from "medium" crashes...
-It's vintage XD.

Arrow keys: Move.
Up+Right+Left Arrows: Max Speed.

1,2: Adjust parabola.
R, T, Y: Recharge with left line bombs.
F, G, H: Recharge with right line bombs.
U, J: (dont care wich) Activate basket to shoot. (hold 1 sec to max distance)

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