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G'shomag, The Devourer [Drako]

uploaded by Drako 1 year ago

This creepy thing is the result of mixing a octopus walker-type (but with 6 legs) and the monster's head from the 1st season serie "Stranger things".
He can open his mouth to reveal his hidden weapons: 21 rockets launched in three rows of 7 and a retractable machine gun with 3 cannons x5 power.

-Builded as a request from Shade, for his last special halloween video Terror on Tolbrynd.

Right/Left arrows: Alternate to walk.
Up/Down arrows: Hold to turn.
Tip: Press left arrow, and then P to bend all tentacles.

Q , E: Open / close mouth. Can walk normally with mouth oppened.
1, 2, 3: Shoot rockets in rows of 7 at different distances.
T, F, G, H: Aim the machine gun. (Airplane controls)
X: Shoot machine gun.
Y: Rotary internal flamethrower to burn anyone who dares to approach the monster evading its tentacles

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