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Johnny-5 (from film Short Circuit 1986) [Drako]

uploaded by Drako 1 year ago

Short Circuit is a 1986 science fiction comedy film and it's plot centers upon an experimental military robot that is struck by lightning and gains a more humanlike intelligence, with which it embarks to explore its new state.
And this is Johnny for all of us! Enjoy nostalgic xD

Arrow keys: Drive.
Right Control: Boost.
----Right Alt: Boost on MAC.
N,M: Waist.
1,2,3,4: Eyes/Eyebrowns (facial expresions) and Laser* aim & shoot.
R,T,Y,U,I,O,P: Right arm/hand.
F,G,H,J,K,L,BackQuote: Left arm/hand.
The arms controls are corelative (in line) and easy to use, more than in my gypsy danger jaeger.
__(*) Requires Advanced Laser Mod[] to unlock this weapon.
__(*) Laser blocks simply won't be loaded if you didn't have the mods, machine will function normally.

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posted by JackFreeze 1 year ago
Oh, c'mon. It uses skins, why don't you upload them always?
posted by JackFreeze 1 year ago
But anyway, a cool creation and easy controls. GG
P.S.: Laser Mod does not work anymore.
posted by Drako 1 year ago
Im just lazy xD
And well, skinpacks on this machine are not really a diference, it is still all grey hehe
Laser mod> Just need to upload it from spiderling forums
and thank you! :)
posted by Drako 1 year ago
update it*