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Jericho Missiles + Vehicle [Drako]

uploaded by Drako 1 year ago


"Gentlemen, the Jericho"
-Tony Stark

It is considerated a ballistic weapon, so its range is pretty long, but the GREAT point is: it is a 3 key launching missile, so the timming by pressing the three keys determines the result of the launch. When fuselage is decoupled it will stop reaching altitude, so when the target is far away just aim up with Q, launch it, and wait to deploy the fuselage as much as possible. The timing by activating the micromissiles is important too. An early activation will perform a width impact zone, and a late activation will perform the opposite. Just experiment and enjoy :)

Arrow keys: Drive.
RightControl: Boost on windows users.
----RightAlt: Boost on MAC users.
Q, E: Aim missiles and show hidden cannons.
[0],C: Cannons.
Y: Flamethrowers.

1st Jericho
1: Launch.
2: Decouple fuselage and stop altitude reaching.
3: Activate micromissiles.
2nd Jericho
Same but with 4,5 and 6

*TIP* Focusing the camera in the little spike at top of the missile helps to launch em.
Activate the micromissiles at least in horizontal position or more downside.

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posted by Drako 1 year ago
posted by wyz2285 1 year ago
Amazing missiles, could you upload the missiles as independent files?
posted by Drako 1 year ago
posted by Drako 1 year ago
And ok, done, SOLO version :)
posted by Carweirdo3 1 year ago
um???why does the car fall apart on my PC?the rockets work fine but the front of the car just goes BOOM.
posted by Carweirdo3 1 year ago
super awseome stuff though/