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DW MK Vc Para Scorpion

uploaded by dibs 1 year ago

Gave my MK V a airlift. Armed with 2x Auto-Shotguns, 1x Auto-Cannon, 3x Pairs of Rockets.

*Auto-Cannon and Auto-Shotguns require Unlimited Ammo

Air Controls:
~ = Engines
R = Reverse Engines
Num 8+5 // 4+6 = Pitch and roll
Q + E = Yaw
Num 7 = Detatch

Ground Controls:
Left and Right Arrows = Alternate legs to march the vehicle forwards.
Up Arrow = Toggle Steam Engines
Q and E = Turning
R.Ctrl and Num 0 = Raise and Lower Tail weapons
1 = Auto-Shotgun
2 = Auto-Cannon
3+4+5 = Rocket Pairs
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